Former Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Rafael Alunan posted on his Facebook account a letter from his German friend who lives in Europe. The open letter caught the attention of netizens which is now going rounds in social media.

Michael Schaefer recognized the malicious and unfairly reports of local and international media.

Schaefer slammed local media for their bias news.

The European also said that instead of complaining and criticizing Duterte, why not help and "create a better country for all Filipinos."

In his letter, Schaefer also attacked foreigners who are against Duterte. He said that they are free to express their opinion and thoughts, but instead of complaining why not leave the country.

Before he end his letter, his last message is, "Feel free to leave the country if you are not happy with it, nobody is asking you to stay."

Read his full letter below:


by Michael Schaefer

"I hate politics, I hate social media, I hate journalism, but this situation with Duterte makes me want to write this.

Firstly, to BOTH the local and international media - you should be ashamed of yourselves! The amount of times you have misreported what Duterte has said is embarrassing. People in your profession should have a bit more class and integrity, instead of just sensationalising headlines to sell papers and clicks.

In particular the local media should take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves where their allegiance lies - you should be ashamed of yourselves on behalf of the Filipino people, your country, your neighbours, your families and loved ones. I have no issue with reporting the news but please try to do it without the intention of purely selling headlines and manipulating people by not reporting the news more factually.

I did not vote in the recent elections, I have never voted, I am not pro or anti Duterte (and yes, I am against the extrajudicial killings among many other things he has been accused of), but I am half Filipino and spent most of my life there. If anything, I am pro Philippines and pro our country and the interests of our country.

The Philippines has enough issues on its own without having the media - and the population - feel the need to constantly and consistently criticise our president. I am relatively certain he has enough issues on his own trying to drive our country (a developing one, lest we forget) forward.

[Source: newsinfolearn]

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