Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, daughter of trial chief former Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Anacleto Badoy in her Facebook page shares her opinion about the controversial issue that President Rodrigo Duterte fired Vice President Leni Robredo on her Cabinet position as a head of Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC).

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"He hires you with full faith. And then he leaves you alone to do your job. And if you don't perform well, he fires you."

She quoted defending and explaining Duterte has a very good reason for firing Leni.

Badoy also said that she is happy that Robredo resigned and someone with a heart should be getting the job done because people needs home.

Read her full post below:

There is one thing I know for sure about this President. And it is this: he hires you with full faith. And then he leaves you alone to do your job.

And if you don't perform well, he fires you.

There are no 2 ways about it with this man, according to sources close to him.

He is a man who gets things done--surely you guys see this. And so he finds it unbearable to carry non-performing deadweight in his cabinet. Specially for something that's been dying to get done for over 3 years now. And for which this President bleeds to get done.

I think this is why he maneuvered for Leni to resign.

Unless anyone can show me clear proof that VP Leni Robredo did something tangible as HUDCC head, then all I know is I am happy she has resigned.

Let someone who's heart is into getting the job done, get that important job done. PEOPLE NEED HOMES. If she can't do it, I am happy she has stepped down so then someone with the will to serve gets this done.

Because I have been researching and asking around about whatever it is she's achieved. And the answer is one big fat zero.

So yeah, stripped of all the drama, this is a good development. I would so love to see an expert provide homes for the poor.

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  1. why do we even care about what this person has to say.

  2. It was never a rumor that Leni has not started her job as a housing secretary and that she was given a budget to work with. But her reasoning that there's no budget for her, was an excuse. Supporters of the new government are expecting that she will do her part, since she's given the chance to prove herself. Instead she's showing how she back stabs everybody using her work time working against the president. It's a shame that she is all mouth and continues to vilify the Marcoses. The Marcos have done major contributions to the country and its people and never said anything back to her disgusting attitude towards them. All they want Is legitimate way of running the welfare of the country. It's a shame that she is such a traitor to her work. Sorry Leni, you had a chance and you ruined it.

    1. she actually said no budget? she even came here to the USA to do a fundraising for the so called housing program and she did ot illegally.. what happenec to the money that she collected from here during her 1st months being vp...

    2. really??wow!she did that and yet she did nothing to my home town:to all Yolanda victims? ..if the President didn't went to Tacloban,maybe until now,do makakalipat ng bahay ang mga Yolanda victims..

    3. one thing is for sure, PRRD was never silent/shy on announcing anybody on his cabinet who is not performing well - why should he start with the VP? he however said that theirs are a matter of differences in principles and beliefs and that's that - Marcos loyalists/propagandists are simply trying to make the VP look incompetent, thankfully, not everyone is as dumb as they think...

  3. After 6 months as a cabinet member and the vice president , Could anyone here please tell me one achievement she had done for the mamamayans? .... 6 months the only mamamayan who had benefitted from it was herself. Selfish backstabbing bitch.

  4. When has "daughter of a trial justice" been a credential? Wala ba syang sariling achievement na pwdeng ikabit sa pangalan nya? Ang what does "trial justice" even mean? There's judge of a Regional Trial Court or Metropolitan Trial Court - pero judge yun, hindi justice.

    Ang to those asking, ano ba ang nagawa ni LR - here's one - The Anti-Poverty Summit, which was held with very little support from the Digong administration; yet got a lot of pledges from International Aid Agencies for the various anti-poverty programs. Isa palang yan. Saka kung ang issue ay walang nagawa, dapat hindi narin pina attend ng cabinet meeting ang mahigit kalahati ng cabinet members ni Digong!

    1. she works "at the pleasure of the president".. who are we to question the wisdom of the president? who are we to question the wisdom of the framers to create the position as "working at the pleasure of the president"?

    2. marie bernardo, you are right - a writer in need of credibility who opted to present her father's credentials instead, what a joke...

  5. Binigyan siya ng marami pagkakataon anu ginawa niya panay photoshop at sama sa rally pati puna di niya tinupad yong tungkulin niya..tauhan pa ni Du30 ang nag-asikaso sa yolanda housing.

  6. raffy gatal, saan mo naman nakuha yan? wag kasi masyadong magbabasa ng mga basurang akda ni mocha...